April Real Estate Update

Americans in their early 20s are already starting to buy homes despite challenging market conditions
California home sales got a boost in the inaugural month of 2018, while the number of transactions trended lower here in the Bay Area — particularly in the more expensive counties.

As for Walnut Creek, the median sale price went down year on year by 39% from $1,442,000 to $880,000.
Sold properties were up year over year by 18% from 11 to 13.
Properties under contract went up year over year by 40% from 15 to 21.
New properties went down year over year by 8% from 37 to 34.
For sale properties also went up year over year by 20% from 51 to 61.
Expired properties went up by 200% from 2 to 6.
The average days on the market went up by 65% fro 10 to 17.

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