August Real Estate Update

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The average sold price has not swayed much for change barely decreasing 1%. But can soon be seen as increasing in the market because of the sale price on properties increasing 9% by $96,000 per property.  There are fewer buyers this month who are in the buyers market of the industry but the amount of supply on the market has increased 5%, which is tempting for those buyers who are looking to move.  The average days on market has gone up 1% but this is only representation of giving the buyers who are looking another chance to find the house of their dreams.

As for Walnut Creek, the median sale price went up year on year by 9% from $1,099,000 to $1,195,000.
Sold properties were down year over year by 19% from 73 to 59.
Properties under contract went up year over year by 9% from 67 to 73.
New properties went down year over year by 3% from 74 to 72.
For sale properties went up year over year by 5% from 137 to 144.
Expired properties went up by 83% from 6 to 11.
The average days on the market went up by 6% from 19 to 20.

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